Posted by: ladybugtravels | April 13, 2011

PARIS, Spring, Summer or Fall – Love is in the Air!

Honeymoon in  Paris?  Sound familiar – it should as many people go to Paris for the sights, sounds, shopping any time of the year (not just Spring).

We  met some new friends in Las Vegas in December (2010) who have access to many really nice luxury apartments all over Paris…they even have the nicer hotels as well.  But who, in their right mind, would want to stay in a hotel for 3, 5, or 7 nights when you could have this (below)?  Not me, a small hotel room vs a large apartment and private garden area with no  noise? No question, hands down, the apartment.

Garden and Glass of French Wine, ooo-la-la

This is THE place to relax after a day of tripping all over Paris, a cruise down the Seine, shopping in the nearby world renowned boutiques, and walking distance from all major sites (Eiffel Tower and more), steps from the Champs Elysees and right in the heart of the  8th Arrondisement.  You can save big bucks in August and November (how does $1,000 sound – imagine what you can do with that in Paris!)

A night view

The Seine River Cruise takes you not only down the Seine but also gives you an overview of Paris…what you would like to go back and see – we have a 1/2 day cruise and tour that gives you options. It is a relaxing and rather fun way to see Paris.

Go to the Left Bank, Notre Dame, Arc d’Triomphe, the old Opera House (for new operas), we sent someone to Paris a few months ago and they went to opening night with GREAT seats and were astounded and amazed.

Food for Thought

From a nearby outdoor market…make your own salad.


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