Posted by: ladybugtravels | June 27, 2011

From Engagement to….Wedding Planning, Where, How, When?

What is a Destination  Wedding?  An increasingly popular option for couples that want to create a memorable experience and enjoy more time with their guests.

A Destination Wedding

 A destination wedding can be a great option for you. We have local on site wedding planners available to help you with
all the logistics and rules, to help you  avoid common mistakes in planning these evens.  We make sure everyone gets there together and on time.
  • More economical
  • Easier to plan
  • More memorable
Enjoyment Factor:  Typically lower in cost yet they an be more spectacular.  Wedding guests feel more special and intuned with the wedding itself plus a Destination Wedding experience gives them  the gift of a memorable vacation getaway,  at an island or vineyard wedding venue, these are romantic wedding venues.
Best of all, everyone enjoys the advantages as most destination resorts provide additional services, sometimes at no cost,
for the event planning and coordination.. We can help you select an optimal Caribbean,  Hawaii or Mexican resort,
winery estate or  beautiful Villa or Castles in France, Italy or Greece (some of our favorites). There are also beautiful Irish castle venues and historic Scottish castles for weddings.  Don’t forget Cruise wedding packages options either in port, at sea or beach locations as well.
Popular Wedding Destinations such as Greece, Italy, Hawaii, France, Caribbean Areas, Mexico, Hawaii Akamai Specialist and areas of the USA– As Certified Destination Wedding Travel Planning Consultants  we work with the best wedding planners/coordinators (in local/ national  areas, who arrange the food, legal paperwork, provide a photographer (unless you want to bring your own), and so much more.  Bookings are being taken for 2011-12 Dude Ranch Country or Castle Weddings Now.
Destination Weddings take extensive planning and research.  Why take your time, that you could be enjoying your Engagement time, to do all that research, etc., still not knowing if you are getting the best?  This is what we do.  We have been in partnership with many of our people for years (14) and know the areas well.  Ask about optional tours, etc., that you and your friends can do while at your Destination.  To have us help with the research, red tape, etc., does not cost you any extra.  Destination Wedding Planning Consultants all, for the most part, require an upfront fee that is applied to your
Many accommodations, when in villas and castles, and larger groups come out to much lower per week figures, i.e., a castle wedding in France can come out to only $280 per person (based on 26), plus your airfare.  What are you waiting for?  These are all very popular venues and  book early, many up to a year in advance.  This is not a bad idea as it gives yo time to enjoy being an Engaged person and gives everyone time to make vacation arrangements.  Always ask about possible Group Discounts.
Also, Why Not (good advertising slogan) sign up for a Honeymoon Bridal Registry?  At least go here and read about the plans and see what o ther brides and grooms have saved and/or taken cash with them.
Email  us today, don’t wait.  Remember, friends and family members will want to travel with you as well and need to plan their vacations, often well in advance. Installment payments are available to everyone at no additional charge.

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