Posted by: ladybugtravels | July 7, 2011

A Re-Education Class

I feel that this misconception that most people have about Mexico Travel needs to be addressed, so the following comments are from fellow agents who themselves travel to (and some live) in Mexico…all of us continue to go there. Read the comments as well as the cities these people come from in the USA. You might see yourself.

Riveria Maya condo view

Re-Educating YOU, the consumer, on Mexico Travel

We need to “re-educate” people about Mexico, and that it’s a wonderful, safe place to vacation. Like so many others have expressed here, I’ve always felt safer in Mexico, than my own city. Atlanta has a murder every five minutes, rapes, carjackings, shootings, robberies….it’s a nasty city! It’s a shame that the state dept and the media in our country has done such a hatchet job on Mexico. I love it down there. (Ron, Atlanta)

I felt much safer walking the streets of Cancun in November than I do in Nassau or even here in downtown Nashville at times!  (Tina, Nashville)

So many misconceptions about Mexico it is really sad. I would not recommend that people go to the borders but to go to the tourist towns is, in my opinion, safer than most American cities. I live in Phoenix and we had 3 murders last week due to the drug trade yet, I don’t see anyone saying don’t go to Phoenix except to boycott us apparently for the way we treat illeagal aliens. We, in Phoenix, live closer to any of the problems than people in the tourist cities will ever be. It is funny, when there is a problem in the U.S. they say, there is a problem in such and such city. When there is a problem in a Mexican city it gets reported as a problem in Mexico. It just makes me so sad for the Mexican people and to hear all the mis-information being spread about Mexico. I will continue to sell and recommend Mexico with no concerns. I will not force anyone to go to Mexico. Viva Mexico! (Geoff, Phoenix)

I think it is a shame that we as a country have spread the misperception that all Mexican people are violent and untrustoworthy. I have traveled to Mexico a dozen or more times and have always felt safe. In fact, people are much more friendly than in my city of Seattle. (Sherree, Seattle)

Finally, this from a friend who actually lives part of the time outside of Puerto Vallarta in  Punta Mita:

Well, I just happen to be in Punta Mita right now. And, I have to say that the State Department has done a wonderful job of scaring Americans away from Mexico because everything is especially empty right now. While it is warming up and the rain is just starting for the summer season, it is almost shocking how few people are down here.

Is it safe? Puerto Vallarta is safer than San Diego by a long shot. It is safer than just about anywhere on Earth that I have been and that is the truth.

Joanie was just down here for a few weeks by herself tending to a new condo that we have just purchased. Of course, Joanie is a good looking blonde gringo lady and you would think that she should be frightened to death. I feel more comfortable when she is here alone, than when I am here and she is home alone (in San Diego).

But, Mexico is not for everyone as I found out on a cruise that I took from Ensenada a month or so ago. People from the upper mid-west populated the cruise and rode a bus from San Diego to Ensenada. The comments that I heard and the overall complete misunderstanding of the Mexican way of life was not only shocking, but downright embarrassing.

So, I guess my answer would be based on the potential client. If they are afraid of new cultures and experiences and want everything like it is at home, I wouldn’t send the to Mexico. If your client is worried that they are going to be killed by the drug cartels because it is so fun to torture and kill Americans, I wouldn’t send them to Mexico. On the other hand, if they are somewhat worldly and have an open mind for themselves, they will find the vacation of a lifetime in Puerto Vallarta. The hotels have motivating rates and the folks that live here are anxious for tourists to come. (Tom, San Diego/Punta Mita)

These comments are all from travel agents who go to Mexico on a regular basis – Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riveria Maya area…many of us are single women who travel alone. I, myself, go to Mexico as often as I can as it is a wonderful place to just relax, enjoy the warm weather and the sea and, most importantly, the wonder people who live and work in these areas.

Call or email me (or your favorite Travel Agent) for the trip of a lifetime….and close to home. Get on that plane,  have a drink or purchase a lovely airline snack, read a chapter of the new book, Voila….you are coming in for a landing in your chosen resort area.  Have fun, get to know the locals, take lots of sunscreen. Take photos and let your Agent know how much you enjoyed yourself upon your return.


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