Posted by: ladybugtravels | August 28, 2011

Want Vacation Diversity? Come to the Big Island’s Kona Coast

When you visit the Big Island, or Hawai’i, you certainly won’t lack for things to do and see  There are coffee farms (plantations), heiaus to learn about, spinner dolphins to watch from a distance only, turtles lazing around at the Place of Refuge (they must know the secret none of the rest of us know), shopping at Alii Street and a great lunch at the Canoe Club.

Big Island October 2010

The Kona Coast is the leeward or west side of the Big Island with incredible diversity. You can explore ancient lava flows, historic Hawaiian heiaus and baths, and pristine hidden beaches. As you move south, the stark lava flows around Keahole-Kona International Airport are soon replaced by lush tropical vegetation as you drive upland from the coast.

The mountains of Hualalai (8,000 ft.) and Mauna Loa (13,000 ft.) oversee the coast, often from cloud banks. Offshore, whales frequent our waters all year, while tropical fish, turtles, moray eels, manta rays, and dolphins feast over coral beds. We appreciate your cooperation by enjoying the dolphins from the beach only. Never approach a dolphin, and stay 50
yards away from any dolphin at all times.

Rainfall ranges from 20″ to 60″ a year, and temperatures vary from 80 degrees during the day to a cool 60 degrees at night in the higher elevations, but wait 5 minutes, or drive 5 miles, and the weather may change at any time.


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