Posted by: ladybugtravels | September 6, 2011

A TRUE Free Honeymoon? Really.


Winter Weddings


OK – a free honeymoon for a whole FIVE (5) nights?? Second question you have – What’s the gimmick?  Both are sound questions, I think.  Here is the answer:

All Season Weddings Domestic USA

Get married in Hawaii (Oahu or Maui) – Honeymoon in Lake Tahoe or Lake Las Vegas.  Winter Snow weddings – Honeymoon in the Sun…how cool is that??  Or Vice Versa – get married in Paradise and Sun-Sand, Honeymoon on white powder for skiing, snowboarding and More?

Wedding or Honeymoon Walk in the Sand

Get married at either Lake Las Vegas or Lake Tahoe and get a free Honeymoon on either Oahu or Maui.

This is a perfect option for those who want a Destination Wedding on the mainland and whose family and friends, for one reason or another, can’t travel outside the mainland or domestic USA.

OR, you want a  “real” Destination Wedding where everyone can spend time celebrating with you at the wedding and area where you are getting married (Either OAHU or MAUI) and you still want a “private” Honeymoon, away from the friends and family!  THis Door #2 Option gives you that romantic wedding in Paradise, and a vacation of a lifetime for friends and family for 4-7 nights (be sure to plan ahead) —- YET, you can….fly away to a Honeymoon far away!!

Maui Wedding

You want your family and friends at your wedding, you want to have it elsewhere other than your backyard AND you  want (NEED) a terrific Honeymoon – being able to get on that plane and fly off into the Sunset, thereoretically speaking.

You can still sign up for the Honeymoon Bridal Registry – so your guests can get you upgraded flights, tours, dinners out, catamaran sailing (Hawaii), money to gamble on (Las Vegas/Tahoe areas), dinner/show combinations – the trip/gift ideas are endless….I can help with that too as far as tours, shows and other ideas.

Your 5 night FREE Honeymoon – Seriously – contact us for more information


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